News from Lake Cottage

Kingfishers have discovered the perch on the jetty

Feb 2018

Cottage has now been connected to the B4RN broadband for Silverdale, offering superfast fast 

internet speed of up to 1Gb. 


November 2017

Horrendous weather and flooding in the area resulted in very high water table - the lake was in the garden! Basement tanking breached and we had 6 inches of water that damaged carpets and furniture. Now all sorted!


Summer 2017

Lake Cottage has also been listed on the Owners Direct referral website for the past 4 years. The founding company was taken over by Expedia last year. One of the early 'improvements' is to start charging guests a 12% booking fee when booked through their portal. We ourselves continue to pay an annual fee for the otherwise excellent listing. Further information in our 'Rates & Availability' section.


Spring 2017

Courtyard re-gravelled and driveway upgraded. Replaced picnic table and parasol in courtyard. New picnic table with bench seating on jetty.


Winter 2016-17

Kitchen splashback and inglenook tiled behind range cooker.


July 2016

Otter sighted 20 feet off the jetty swimming towards us before we were spotted and it dived away into the reeds. Guest comments in visitor book report similar sightings. We now have an 'otter ramp' on the jetty as it would seem they use it to fish from!

Kingfishers still active and are using the perch which gives great access to the small roach off the jetty. 


September 2015

A pair of kingfishers have discovered the perch we installed on the jetty and have been seen several times over the summer.


Feb 2015

Bittern flew over our heads as neighbour and I were chatting on the jetty. Not sure who was more surprised! Headed out to the lake and then turned in towards the moss. Footnote: Spring 2017 - we have now seen bittern fly over on three separate occasions, usually in the evening around dusk. Distinctively different from herons in appearance and flight.



hide now completed

October 2014: Bird hide now completed  The bird hide down in the reed/willowbed at the lake was finished in October and provides a great spot for watching wildlife out of the rain and wind (or writing, painting, dreaming....)